Streets of Israel/Judean Desert/ Masada

 What a huge photography subject for such a life-long awaited trip!

In September 2017, I visited Israel and the Holy Land feeling a strong mix of emotions, brought by the expectation of walking over a land whose history  has impacted the world  for over 2 000 years - and  will to do so

for many more to come!

These are only a few of the photos I took.  I am sure most of you be able to identify the places and the events that took place in the past, as well the ones that are happening now.

Enjoy the trip!



The Sea of Galilee at Sunset, IsraelChurch Pilgrims - FaithJerusalen  WallsThe Gardens oi GethsemaneA Palestinian JerusalemGardens of the Temple MountMother and Child on ShabahA Desert RoadRoad to MasadaMasada and the DesertMasada RuinsThe Desert  and the Dead SeaSerpent Way to MasadaWater collection system at MasadaDead Sea viewQumran Scrolls CliffsThe Drying Dead SeaCamels and the guardianCamels on the RoadThe Dome of the RockDome of the Church of the Saint SepulchreChurch of Our Holy FatherThe Walls of SeparationJudean DesertSaint George' s MonasteryA Street in JaffaJaffaThe Western WallJewish MusicianThe Franciscan Cross<>x



With the end of my  trip in Israel, I headed for a  very short visit to Jordan, with the very much  expected trip to Petra, also called the  “Rose City” of the  antiquity. It does bring a great emotion to  see  the most beautiful building carved  by hands  by the Nabataen people, over 2.000 years ago - Al-Kazneh, the Treasury. The history tells that the city origins is from the year 300 BC, and that the Kingdom of the Nabataen established a major regional trading post that became the center of the Caravan Trade, part of the Silk Road, that crossed from East to West, to the Red and Mediterranean Sea ports. After  invasions  the  by Romans in  106 DC , destruction by two major earthquake and the invasion by the Arabs  in 663 AD, the Rose City was abandoned and  remained forgotten for over 1000 years. It was rediscovered in 1812, by a Swiss Traveler.

Petra is today a World Heritage Site, protected by the United Nations and i was visited by 600.000 tourists in 2017.

It is really an incredible view the way you arrive there through the mountains, with its pink sandstone walls canyons, arriving through the Al-Siq,  the main entrance to Petra, with the Treasury in full view!!! There is much more to be seen,

and it was a short trip.


















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